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About Us

Since Roman times, Spain has been famous for the quality of its wine, olive oil and pork. Granja San Antonio has taken the taste and quality of pork to a higher level.


We are committed to the environment, people’s health and the highest quality.

Granja San Antonio has more than 50 years of experience in the pork industry. Following the family tradition of our father, the Garcia brothers decided to make their leap from conventional and traditional exploitation to the sustainable and organic sector due to ecological and health convictions.

We came to this conclusion when we detected the need in today’s society to unite and apply the concepts of innovation, health, food, industrial production and sustainability.

This commitment to offer high-end and healthy food, went from being an innovative project idea to become a reality, after a complete switch and renovation of our organization, processes and facilities, which has set a precedent in our sector by being one of the pioneering companies in organic pork production in Spain.

Our objetive

The aim of this project is to meet the needs of those people who care about their health, the environment, animal care and that their diet is based on GMO-free food (free from antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals that are added to the conventional production).


For five years we have been offering the best organic meat on the market in several European countries.

Our pigs are raised in semi-freedom, with plenty of space to move around and access to fresh air and sunshine. This extra care results in an organic pork meat that allows the end consumer to enjoy a much healthier and tastier meat.
We have new sheds equipped with the latest technology, a technology that makes possible a greater control over the factors of production, especially on the feeding and treatment of the animals.
For further guarantee we have our own artificial insemination center created in 1988, which was a pioneer in its time and with several patented inventions in the pork industry.
We have our own feed factory that allows us to optimize a much more exhaustive control in the feeding process of our animals, using organic raw materials of the highest quality and making a nutritional monitoring of our animals.

After this small introduction, we are delighted to open the doors of our house!

Welcome to Granja San Antonio!

-García Family